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John has helped thousands of customers since he has been working in pain management with well over 1000 5 Star Reviews on Facebook
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Jordan Gillies

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Caroline Stewart

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Leeann Whitehouse

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Robert Mckinnon

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Paul Leckenby

Paul contacted DMS Massage suffering with pain due to two slipped discs. Paul tried other areas such as visiting a physiotherapist and a chiropractor but unfortunately he still struggled with pain. Paul was also waiting to go for surgery to help with his condition. After a session at DMS Massage Paul had instant relief and…

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Tracey Melucci

Contacted DMS Massage after suffering with a slipped disc and two bulged discs for a long period of time. Tracey was awaiting for further investigation such as an MRI. After one treatment with myself Tracey’s pain had completely gone

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Lorraine Cook

Lorraine – suffered with Plantar Fasciitis over the past ten years. Lorraine explained she has tried a number of different measures to help with the pain but unfortunately with no relief. After a session at DMS Massage Lorraine was able to walk with no pain. After a check up with Lorraine she was pleased report…

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Danny Downey

Danny was struggling with severe back pain that was resulting in him struggling to walk or even sit. After trying painkillers with no good effect Danny contacted DMS Massage. After his session, Danny’s pain had vastly reduced and he was able to manage better at home. John advised of aftercare to help Danny keep his pain at bay.

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Paul Ramsay

Paul contacted DMS Massage after suffering with pain due to a popped disk in his back that was hitting a nerve. Paul was struggling at home for 13 weeks with the pain getting worse as the weeks went on and affecting his mobility. After treatment Paul was able to walk normal again with no pain.

Case Study

Jean Wilson

Jean came for a treatment at DMS Massage due to ongoing pain caused by prolong slipped discs. Jean explained that the uses the aid of a stick on a daily basis for her mobility and suffers with severe back pain. Post treatment with John, Jeans mobility had vastly improved and her back pain had eased.…

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A few reasons people choose DMS Massage Glasgow

With a wealth of experience John Lynch has over 10 years experience working with clients & athletes. Specialising in Pain Management John get’s to the route of the problem and provides customers with aftercare unheard of in the industry.

John speaks to each customer

Through having this conversation, John can tailor a plan to a lot of client issues and will make sure that if treated they know exactly what they need to do. With a span across the UK John has helped customers as far as India.

Huge Range of Experience in the Industry

DMS Massage isn’t for everyone and there will be a period where you may experience discomfort, John make sure every client feels comfortable.

Featured in Glasgow Royal Infirmary

Being featured in the Royal Infirmary and helping many with issues they have had for years allows really proves that DMS Massage works.

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